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*Gasp* My 1st Riker/Troi Romance fanfic *This should be interesting.*

Hola everyone! I am back from Mexico City and am diligently working on my 1st Riker/Troi Romance fanfic. *Gasp* *This should be interesting.*

I came up with the idea for Cards of Fate while taking this picture of The Zocalo Square in Mexico from The Terrace restaurant on the top floor of the Best Western:




It’s always been a romantic setting for a lot of different events. So naturally I thought of Riker and Troi.


So without further ado, I would like to jump right in and give you guys the summary:  My version of the scene right before Ensign Ro interrupted Riker and Troi in Season 5 Episode 14 Conundrum. What if she hadn’t interrupted?

Here is the link: Cards of Fate


I hope you guys will enjoy my 1st attempt at writing Romance. This used to be a serious no-no issue with me.

Twelve Trials of Triskelion Week 9: Unblock the Block

So for Twelve Trials of Triskelion Week 9: Unblock the Block I’ve put up my Riker/Troi fanfic Two Centuries Old Crisis.

Summary: When Commander Riker and Deanna Troi’s daughter 2 year old daughter Kaitlyn comes down with a virus that was eradicated 10 years before, it’s up to Doctor Crusher to stop it from spreading ship-wide and infecting the crew. 


It can be found on the Archive: Two Centuries Old Crisis


The last chapter is up and the fic is now completed. It can be found on the Archive: Chapter 11: The Cure


*I did my best to make this fic sound appealing. Even if I don’t get any feedback, I’m glad I finished it.*

Twelve Trials of Triskelion Week 8: Fabulous Fanart: The rocky shores of Veeloze 10

Ok, so here is my next entry for Twelve Trials of Triskelion Week 8: Fabulous Fanart: Laura Jane Troi-Riker on the rocky shores of Veeloze 10:


Bryce 7 Laura on Veeloze 10



*Took me quite awhile to figure out the controls in Bryce. Still figuring them out. Next up I’ll be making  a family picnic scene on the Grassland planet of Aronia II.*

*jespah, if you see this, you are more than welcome to use my Week 8 entries in the roundup posts.*

Week 8 Fabulous Fanart: My entries so far.

Here are my 1st two entries for Week 8 of Fabulous Fanart:


Will and Deanna Always Together

^ This one is for my newest Riker/Troi romance fanfic I’m currently in the beginning stages of writing called Always Together: Never Apart. Call it a book cover, or banner, whichever. I tend to call them banners.


Here is a random one:


Will smudge Stick



Hope you guys enjoy what I bring to Fabulous Fanart this week. 🙂 Stay cool and awesome everyone!

Week 7 Blog Like A Boss Prompt #7: What kind of writing would you like to tackle in the future? What themes would you like to explore?

What kind of writing would you like to tackle in the future?

I would like to focus on relationships/romance. I don’t write much in that area.  I’ve written romance fanfics for other tv series in the past, but I either go the too sappy route or the other extreme, that has more intimate details. It’s kind of hard to find a balance to make a good story for everyone to enjoy.

What themes would you like to explore?

Romance is the main theme I’d like to tackle. But going about it isn’t so simple as I stated above.  I already write a lot of drama pieces family too. I think maybe its time to move out of my comfort zone.  Now the real question for myself is, where to begin with a good romance fanfic?

Week 7 Blog Like A Boss Prompt #6: Writing a summary, how do you do it? And what about the story summaries of others draws you in?

Writing a summary, how do you do it?

Summaries can be a bit difficult to write especially when an author is writing a rather complex fanfic. For instance, I had a really hard time coming up with a summary for my second book in the Rogue Officer series: A Sacred Trust Broken. I wasn’t sure whether to include the Cardassian’s in the summary or just the Federation spy/informant for them. To me though, its all about the action and drama that’ll hopefully bring in the audience. Continuing from where Chaos Erupts left off it can be found on the Archive here:

A Sacred Trust Broken

*First two chapters are up.*


And what about the story summaries of others draws you in?

What draws me in to other’s stories summary-wise is what the premise has to offer,  is there action, drama, angst, romance, that sort of thing. Or if there are certain favorite characters from a series I really like, and original one’s too. Good and effective summaries that lead into the thicker plot of the story almost always have me hooked within the first chapter. It’s amazing how author’s have a way with words, and there are so many of us who want our works to be read and praised.  I know a lot of author’s over on the Archive I’ve yet to dig into their stories. There are just so many amazing stories to be told in the trekverse.

A Family View: Family Portrait

So I’ve decided to make a post dedicated to the family view of my fanfics. As most of you know by now, my fanfics center around the family aspects between Troi/Riker aboard the Enterprise. It ranges from fluff, to drama, angst, tragedy, you name it. A lot of times it does center around birth. I know, it can get kind of dull or annoying when I post stuff like that, and I’m kind of almost burnt out on writing any birth scenes for awhile. I’ve written at least four or five in the last month.

I would like to take a moment to introduce everyone to my four main original characters, the daughter’s of Will Riker:

Laura Jane Riker-Troi:

2 Laura jumping in sand

Laura was born on Stardate 51698.2 (April 15th, 2369) Weighing in at barely 2 kilos. In each timeline,  she never lets anything stop her from going after life.  Head strong and stubborn like her father Will Riker,  she enjoys getting into mischief and playing dress up with her little sister Lily.  Laura is 7.

Lily Rene Riker-Troi:




Lily was born on stardate 51798.2 (October 16th, 2371) Weighing in at 4.5 kilos, she was the heaviest of all the four girls. Lily is quiet and mirrors her sister Laura. She’s 5.  She also loves playing dress up and playing with her little sister’s Mayra and Carmen.


Mayra Marie Riker-Troi




Mayra (Or Myra) was born on Stardate 51802.2 (November 15th, 2376) and is Carmen Elizabeth Riker-Troi’s twin sister.  She is 3 months old.


Carmen Elizabeth Riker-Troi:




A Family Portrait from one of my Alternate Universe fanfics:


Kaiti Deanna Will and Laura


(I can never seem to get Riker’s hair right. I mean how hard is it to get the man’s hair dark brown? Sometimes I get really frustrated with DAZ Studio.)

Week 7 Blog Like A Boss Prompt #5: Reviewing; what you love to see in a review, what you love to give in a review, what you want to do for your own reviewing skills in the future.

Reviewing: what you love to see in a review,  what you love to give in a review, what you want to do for your own reviewing skills in the future?

What do I love to see in a review?

If someone reviews a work of mine, I like a well-rounded constructive one. One entailing what was good and what needs some work. Particularly if I don’t get characters quite correct. I strive to make all my readers happy by posting different scenarios. It helps keep things balanced story wise.

What do I love to give in a review?

Same thing as the answer to the 1st question. I do my  best to give a well-rounded review with what I liked and what could be improved in a story.  Punctuation that kind of thing. Praise is often the best tool you can bestow to a fellow author.  We all tell stories that we want out there to be told and giving well-rounded reviews helps make them better in the long run.

What do I want to do for my own reviewing skills in the future?

Let’s see: Make them as detailed as possible and not make them a one or two liner. I’m getting better at telling other authors about how I loved the scenery they used in a story and the atmosphere. The emotions portrayed by each character, and how I felt like I was actually there living the scene with them.  It’s all about the substance you put into a review and what you get out of it as the reviewer, not only you, but hopefully the author as well.