TNG Series: Rogue Officer *Working title, may change later.*

So, I’ve decided I’m going to start a TNG series called Rogue Officer.  Although, that might just be the working title.  Any suggestions in the comments is helpful.

In the series I’m going to include at least 3 stories, it may be 4, I haven’t got everything fleshed out yet.

The first in the series is the entry I entered for the Ficlet Flashdance for the Twelve Trials of Triskelion 2014: Chaos Erupts.

The second story I’m working on at the moment is called: A Sacred Trust Broken.  This one will primarily go into who the mole in Starfleet is. A doctor that Riker used to work with by the name of Eric Sartos.  Some of this will be AU, kind of giving you a peek at what Riker did with his life before he chose to go down a command path in Starfleet.

The Third story is: To Be Determined. I’ve got only vague ideas where to go with this one.

I will let you guys know what I come up with soon.

Morning Update for Friday May 16th, 2014

Ok, so I’ve decided I’m going to just stick to screencaps from TrekCore for my fanart/banners, and I’m going to make my own from scratch. I’m looking up Tutorials now to help me make my own Space Wallpapers. Any planet brushes in GIMP I use however were made by “Obsidian Dawn”. Many thanks to her.


*I feel embarrassed.* 🙁 Starting over isn’t easy for me.

The Light In Her Eyes


This idea actually popped in my head while I was collecting the garbage at work one night about a month ago. I thought: Well, I’ve never written a fanfic yet that has to do with the events of The Occupation of Bajor. At least a scenario that happened during that particular event in the Star Trek timeline. Part of the idea came to me while reading the Next Generation book: The Battle of Betazed.



After a Cardassian warship crosses the border from the Neutral Zone into Federation space, they board the Federation flagship and kidnap Counselor Troi, taking her hostage on a planet they claim is rightfully theirs for colonization.


Banner can be found in chapter 6 update.



Here are the 1st five chapters. The fanfic mentioned above can be found here:


Comments are most welcome! Knowing where to improve my work is sometimes tough though. 🙂

Trapped In The Past: Area 51


Ok, so I came up with this TNG fanfic from a dream I had one night. So I decided to make it into a story.  It took me some time to flesh all the details out. As far as characters go, Riker and Troi are easy for me to write.  I do my best to make sure they are very much in character.  I thought: What if Riker and Troi had been transported into the past and were caught at Area 51?  Q obviously has his hand in this.  Below you will find the fanart/banner for the fanfic.

Synopsis: When Q transports  Commander Riker, Troi and Doctor Crusher to the past, they are arrested at Area 51. Can they figure a way out? Or will they be kept prisoners in the past for good? Slightly AU.


Here is a placeholder for the banner.




This fanfic listed above can be found here:


*This fanfic is completed.*


Comments are most welcome. I hope some of you will let me know what you think! I’m always looking for ways to improve my work.