The Light In Her Eyes


This idea actually popped in my head while I was collecting the garbage at work one night about a month ago. I thought: Well, I’ve never written a fanfic yet that has to do with the events of The Occupation of Bajor. At least a scenario that happened during that particular event in the Star Trek timeline. Part of the idea came to me while reading the Next Generation book: The Battle of Betazed.



After a Cardassian warship crosses the border from the Neutral Zone into Federation space, they board the Federation flagship and kidnap Counselor Troi, taking her hostage on a planet they claim is rightfully theirs for colonization.


Banner can be found in chapter 6 update.



Here are the 1st five chapters. The fanfic mentioned above can be found here:


Comments are most welcome! Knowing where to improve my work is sometimes tough though. 🙂

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