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Week 7 Blog Like A Boss Prompt #7: What kind of writing would you like to tackle in the future? What themes would you like to explore?

What kind of writing would you like to tackle in the future?

I would like to focus on relationships/romance. I don’t write much in that area.  I’ve written romance fanfics for other tv series in the past, but I either go the too sappy route or the other extreme, that has more intimate details. It’s kind of hard to find a balance to make a good story for everyone to enjoy.

What themes would you like to explore?

Romance is the main theme I’d like to tackle. But going about it isn’t so simple as I stated above.  I already write a lot of drama pieces family too. I think maybe its time to move out of my comfort zone.  Now the real question for myself is, where to begin with a good romance fanfic?

My Entries for Week 5 of TTOT 2014!

Here are my entries for The Twelve Trials of Triskelion Week 5:

Curiosity Begs the Question: in the beginning 

Summary: Written for a prompt a day challenge. “Daddy? Where do babies comes from?” Riker fidgeted on the couch. How was he going to explain this one to his four year old daughter Laura? 

*My kind of comedy piece for the week.*

Transfixed by daddy’s Uniform

Summary: Written for Day #2 of Prompt a day Challenge. 2 month old Laura is fascinated by the color red of her father Will Riker’s uniform. 

*An aw moment before the storm. My fluff piece if you will.*


Cold and Lost

Part 2: Going Against Orders

Summary: While picking flowers for her mother, 4 year old Laura Riker finds herself lost on a planet she’s never been to before. Can her parents find her in time? *Don’t worry, this has a happy ending. Now I see where I scare people away. * 🙁 

Comments much appreciated.

Morning Update for Friday May 16th, 2014

Ok, so I’ve decided I’m going to just stick to screencaps from TrekCore for my fanart/banners, and I’m going to make my own from scratch. I’m looking up Tutorials now to help me make my own Space Wallpapers. Any planet brushes in GIMP I use however were made by “Obsidian Dawn”. Many thanks to her.


*I feel embarrassed.* 🙁 Starting over isn’t easy for me.