My Entries for Week 5 of TTOT 2014!

Here are my entries for The Twelve Trials of Triskelion Week 5:

Curiosity Begs the Question: in the beginning 

Summary: Written for a prompt a day challenge. “Daddy? Where do babies comes from?” Riker fidgeted on the couch. How was he going to explain this one to his four year old daughter Laura? 

*My kind of comedy piece for the week.*

Transfixed by daddy’s Uniform

Summary: Written for Day #2 of Prompt a day Challenge. 2 month old Laura is fascinated by the color red of her father Will Riker’s uniform. 

*An aw moment before the storm. My fluff piece if you will.*


Cold and Lost

Part 2: Going Against Orders

Summary: While picking flowers for her mother, 4 year old Laura Riker finds herself lost on a planet she’s never been to before. Can her parents find her in time? *Don’t worry, this has a happy ending. Now I see where I scare people away. * 🙁 

Comments much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “My Entries for Week 5 of TTOT 2014!”

  1. A good idea to do a single blog to link together these daily prompt stories and cross promote them.
    They do deserve a wider readership.

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