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A Christmas Surprise!

Since I didn’t enter anything into the December Challenge: Family, I decided to use my artistic license and make some art in DAZ Studio. Here I present you all with a festive Christmas scene that took me three hours to make last night:


Lily and a Christmas Tree


This is Lily, Troi and Riker’s youngest daughter decorating their Christmas tree at their cabin in Alaska. Hope you guys enjoy!

Twelve Trials of Triskelion Week 8: Fabulous Fanart: The rocky shores of Veeloze 10

Ok, so here is my next entry for Twelve Trials of Triskelion Week 8: Fabulous Fanart: Laura Jane Troi-Riker on the rocky shores of Veeloze 10:


Bryce 7 Laura on Veeloze 10



*Took me quite awhile to figure out the controls in Bryce. Still figuring them out. Next up I’ll be making  a family picnic scene on the Grassland planet of Aronia II.*

*jespah, if you see this, you are more than welcome to use my Week 8 entries in the roundup posts.*

Week 8 Fabulous Fanart: My entries so far.

Here are my 1st two entries for Week 8 of Fabulous Fanart:


Will and Deanna Always Together

^ This one is for my newest Riker/Troi romance fanfic I’m currently in the beginning stages of writing called Always Together: Never Apart. Call it a book cover, or banner, whichever. I tend to call them banners.


Here is a random one:


Will smudge Stick



Hope you guys enjoy what I bring to Fabulous Fanart this week. 🙂 Stay cool and awesome everyone!