Entwined Souls

Entwined Souls


Summary: Riker and Troi meet as children. As they grow up, they have chance encounters with each other. Is this the universes way of bringing them together? Or is it just coincidence? AU.

I came up with this idea a while back, but just now decided to write something like this. I’ve always wondered what it would’ve been like if Riker and Troi had met as children and had met unexpectedly throughout their lives.

This is a different kind of AU. I’ve got Riker surrounded by family, instead of just him and his dad. He’s got his mother, his aunt, grandmother, grandfather, uncle and a little sister added to the mix. Yes this starts as a family fic, but I assure you, it will turn into a romance fic later on.

For anyone interested here are the first two chapters for you to sink your teeth into:

Chapter 1: Entwined Souls

Chapter 2: Best Friends


*I hope this is satisfactory. I’m doing my best.* 🙂

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