*Gasp* My 1st Riker/Troi Romance fanfic *This should be interesting.*

Hola everyone! I am back from Mexico City and am diligently working on my 1st Riker/Troi Romance fanfic. *Gasp* *This should be interesting.*

I came up with the idea for Cards of Fate while taking this picture of The Zocalo Square in Mexico from The Terrace restaurant on the top floor of the Best Western:




It’s always been a romantic setting for a lot of different events. So naturally I thought of Riker and Troi.


So without further ado, I would like to jump right in and give you guys the summary:  My version of the scene right before Ensign Ro interrupted Riker and Troi in Season 5 Episode 14 Conundrum. What if she hadn’t interrupted?

Here is the link: Cards of Fate


I hope you guys will enjoy my 1st attempt at writing Romance. This used to be a serious no-no issue with me.

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