Upcoming writing projects: More romance/drama fanfics galore!

As a bonus blog post for today, I’m letting you guys in on some upcoming writing projects. This means more romance/drama fanfics galore!

I’ve got two new Riker/Troi romance fanfics on the drawing boards. The first is called:

Entwined Souls

Summary: Riker and Troi meet as children. As they grow up, they have chance encounters with each other. Is this the universes way of bringing them together? Or is it just coincidence?

*This is a slightly different AU fanfic from what I normally write.*


The second is called:

Empathic Soulmates

Summary: *This is a very different sort of AU fanfic.* Instead of Riker pursuing a command path aboard various starships, he works as a doctor at Starfleet Medical. He meets Troi when she is admitted for a broken arm. Riker always follows one rule: Never fall for a patient, even if its a beautiful woman. But he can’t help but feel a strange connection between the two of them.


*So, what do you guys think of these premises?*

2 thoughts on “Upcoming writing projects: More romance/drama fanfics galore!”

  1. Well Zeusfluff your future ideas for Entwined Souls and Empathic Soulmates do seem to be two AU stories with potential. I think Entwined Souls to me at least would be the one with the most distances as you got all the cannon stuff between Riker and his Father as well as Deanna and her mother to use or change as you like to help the story.

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